Chris Reidel, Lead Instructor & CEO

Chris Reidel

Chris is a Lead Instructor at, and the CEO of, Next Threat Solutions, Inc.  He began learning about self-defense, firearms, close quarters combat, off-grid survival, and other related topics in the mid 1980’s.  In 1996 Chris earned the title of United States Marine, where he ultimately became a Primary Marksmanship Instructor and Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructor.  Having separated from the Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant he then worked as a Defense Contractor, member of the Intelligence Community, Small Business Owner, Emergency Management Coordinator, and Homeland Security Professional.  Chris has a passion for learning and earned his A.A., B.S., and M.S. during, and shortly after, his time in the military.  He has also earned Firearms, Self Defense, Emergency Medical Response, and De-Escalation, Instructor certifications from organizations like the National Rifle Association, U.S. Concealed Carry Association, California Department of Justice, Force Science Institute, and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as repeated Distinguished Graduate honors from the Front Sight Firearms Training Academy. Chris has planned and supported security operations at many significant special events (i.e. Super Bowls, Republican & Democratic National Conventions, and Regional Rodeos), he has also deployed domestically and abroad in support of military, intelligence, natural disaster response, and humanitarian relief operations.  He continues to serve his community as a co-lead of his church’s Safety Team, as a youth sports coach, and as a mentor for at-risk youth.  Chris resides in Northern California with his wife and children.

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Jason is a Lead Instructor at, and co-owner of, Next Threat Solutions, Inc.  Jason was raised in California and began his interest in firearms while hunting at a young age with his family.  His passion for firearms, self-defense, and personal protection evolved over the years to include martial arts and eventually a career in Law Enforcement. Throughout his professional career he strived for additional opportunities for leadership, training, and developing his skills.  He began teaching self-defense tactics, firearms, and Taser classes to law enforcement professionals at the Police Academy, within his organization, and to outside agencies in the late 90’s. He has over 25 years of law enforcement experience to include Patrol, Investigations, Special Operations, SWAT, Motorcycle Patrol, Bicycle Patrol, Sniper, and various other assignments. Jason has a passion for teaching and making others in the community safer through training, while relying upon his experiences with policing criminal activity, managing critical incident response, performing risk analysis, and conducting threat assessments. Jason has earned his Associates Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, and he is a graduate from the FBI National Academy and the Force Science Institute. He has also received numerous specialized training and or instructor certificates covering emergency management, crime prevention, firearms, defensive tactics, less than lethal, first aid and tactical medicine. Jason also holds Instructor certifications from organizations like the National Rifle Association and U.S. Concealed Carry Association, as well as repeated Distinguished Graduate honors from the Front Sight Firearms Training Academy. He continues to seek opportunities to further develop his knowledge, skills, and abilities through training, teaching, coaching, and volunteering in his community, at church, and with various non-profit organizations.

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