Next Threat Solutions was founded by friends Chris Reidel and Jason Russo for the purpose of helping people learn to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.  As firearms enthusiasts Chris and Jason have safely introduced many friends, colleagues, and family members to the fun sport of recreational shooting, and life-saving concepts of defensive shooting.

Amidst the turmoil of the COVID-19 global pandemic, explosive crime waves and violent rioting in major cities across the country, and the directly related record-setting firearm sales beginning in 2020, Chris and Jason decided that they wanted to do their part to ensure that their friends, neighbors, and community members, many of whom are first time gun owners, are adequately trained to defend themselves when necessary. 

Chris and Jason have developed unique skill sets across decades of professional experience that are directly applicable to the service offerings being presented to their clients.  Both have attended advanced level training, acquired nationally recognized certifications as instructors and experts in their fields, applied the subject matter in real-world operations and top tier training evolutions, and performed as instructors and mentors for fellow professionals in their disciplines.  Similarly, the contracted team members that will deliver some of the course sessions (e.g. Tactical Medical Response, Self-Defense, and Off-Grid Survival) have been selected based on their professional reputations, industry certifications, and demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities.  We are training and educating our clients from positions of extensive experience and a life-long passion for helping others.

American FlagNext Threat Solutions is Veteran & Public Safety Owned and Operated.